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  • 6 Tips for Strong Beard Growth

    Growing out your beard takes more than time. It’s part of the process, make no mistake about it, but there are a few other things to take care of while you wait. We caught up with our local Baxter Finley beard experts and had them weigh in on a few things to keep in mind while growing ... Read More

  • How To Grow Out Your Hair

    Every now and then you want to explore a new style, which often requires growing out your hair. Well guess what? In theory, growing out your hair is actually pretty easy—just don’t touch it! In reality, this ends up being one of most difficult challenges for men with little to no experience in managing a ... Read More

  • Back to Basics: When to Shampoo & Condition

    Every hair type is different and requires a different approach to cleanliness. You want to be clean, but maybe you’ve heard it said that cleaning too frequently isn’t good for your hair? Don’t worry, we sat down with Baxter Finley’s expert barber, Erik Taylor, to get his pro take on the controversial subject. It’s true ... Read More