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2017 Style Guide: Aaron Thornton

Once upon a time, a German and a Swede met in Northern California and had Aaron. Aaron Thornton (@athor13) Aaron grew up in Yosemite, CA but left the world’s biggest trees for the world’s biggest fashion scenes—New York and Milan—where he modeled before moving to Santa Monica, CA. But don’t think he’s just a pretty face ...


2017 Style Guide: Jason Koko

Jason is the product of something that happened in Vegas but didn’t stay in Vegas. Jason Koko (@jason.koko) This 20 year old North Hollywood newbie’s striking gaze and pronounced V-shaped hairline give him an intense aspect that he tries to soften by not taking himself too seriously. When he’s not hunting for vintage vinyl records ...

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2017 Style Guide: Zac Taylor

Unlike René Grincourt, who likes to rock the classic “connected” cut, some guys tend to keep things a little shorter. Introducing Zac, rockin’ it high and tight. Zac Taylor (@ zacleetaylor)   Zac makes his home in Long Beach, CA, but you can’t cant take the country out of this good ol’ Texas boy. This 28 ...

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2017 Style Guide: René Grincourt

Here at Baxter of California, we believe in letting you set the tone for your own style—our simple, superior selection of thoughtfully curated hair, skin, and shaving essentials help you fuel your best self and unleash what makes you, you. With the release of our 2017 Style Guide, we thought we’d share a little bit about ...

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