Nothing beats the gratification of a traditional wet shave: the hot towel, lathering up with a smooth shave cream and soft badger hair brush, to the cool finishing application of an after shave balm. Conventional wet shaving provides the closest shave possible with the least irritation to your skin. 



STEP 1: Inspection of Hair Growth Direction


Give yourself a few days without shaving to properly inspect the direction of your hair growth – inspect closely and remember where the direction changes.  It is always best to shave in the direction of the hair growth. While this may not provide the closest shave, it will be far more comfortable and irritation free.




STEP 2: Cleanse and Exfoliate


Cleanse your skin with a combination of Daily Face Wash and Facial Scrub. Scrubs contain granules that exfoliate dead skin, lifting facial hair, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable shave with fewer ingrown hairs.  Assign one day a week for shaving. A good day to shave is the same day you exfoliate.







STEP 3: Hot Towel & Steam



Shave after your shower, or apply a hot washcloth to your beard for approximately 30 seconds. Steam softens facial hair making it easier to shave.  The effort required to cut hair is reduced by 2/3 when hair is wet. Less effort means less friction and more comfort.






STEP 4: Application of Shave Formula to Beard


The use of a badger hair shave brush will evenly disperse the cream and lift facial hair.  Allow shaving cream to sit on your skin for at least 30 seconds. No brush? Apply shave formula with your hands.





STEP 5: Side Burn & Side of Face


Start shaving the sides of the face first, going in the direction of your hair growth.  Hold razor firmly and use short strokes. Don’t add pressure or push the blade into your skin. A well made D/E will have sufficient weight and glide across your skin.  For the closest shave, an ideal angle to hold the blade to your skin is 30 degrees.





STEP 6: Neck – Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth


The neck area tends to be problematic for guys since hair grows in different directions around the Adam’s apple.  Inspecting and following hair growth is critical to knowing which direction to shave.





STEP 7: Lip and Chin Area



Shave these difficult areas last, permitting shave formula to soften the hair longer.  You can add water to the shave formula to rehydrate before shaving.  Use your free hand to manually stretch your skin, creating a flat area for your blade to shave. 






STEP 8: Cold Water / Cold Towel Clean Up


Follow your shave with a splash of cold water or use a cold washcloth to close the pores.




STEP 9: After Shave Balm Application



Finish by applying a light application of soothing After Shave Balm. This therapeutic formula is hydrating and anti-bacterial.