Made with only the most serious shavers in mind, the straight razor is a single blade that folds into its handle. Also known as the cut-throat razor, this extremely sharp tool is not for the average shaver.

Our version of the straight razor is an exclusive collaboration that's proudly manufactured in the USA by Hart Steel with a custom-designed blade by the Baxter of California team. Loosely inspired by firearms, and titled “not a replica,” the blade features a matte black handle (called a tang) and blue steel blade.

The Hart Steel razor blade is predominately a handmade product, and all of the processes are completed in Northern Michigan by skilled artisans. Artisan technicians, from start to finish, hand-grind, mark, sharpen and assemble each razor, ending with the technician personally stamping each razor to indicate his craftsmanship. Hart Steel is tested at a Rockwell hardness of 63, which gives the razor the sharpest and most long-lasting edge possible.

6/8th's and a square point
Made in the USA
Handmade & Water-Resistant


  • Deerskin Sleeve
  • Storage Box
  • Hex Wrench For Tightening The Pin
  • Care Instructions



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EXCEPTIONAL quality and finish for a black blade.

I was happily impressed with the design upon opening the box. i appreciate the unique finish and hope to keep this blade for a very long time. I buy fine german mechanical items and appreciate quality and design when i see it. I was disappointed, however, that the blade does not come with the makr carry goods cordovan blue leather sheath as you will see in most photos online during google searches. This comes with a very soft black leather deerskin case, which in itself is nice, but is by no means a makr carry goods product. I own a leather makr carry goods wallet and i will be buying many products from them in the fture as their products are also made in the USA and are of the highest quality. I look forward to many years of use from this blade. i understand there may be a 50 year baxter blade in the works and based upon the quality of this blade, I will most likely buy one of those if they are anything like the 45 year anniversary blade. But I will not if it doesn't come with the makr carry goods sheath! ;)

Pros: nice design. nice black finish. handle is durable.

Cons: this does not come with the makr carry goods cordovan blue leather sheath any longer

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Hart Razor

This razor is impressive looking and once honed and stropped is an excellent shaver. it is not shave ready. for those of you who like a more delicate feeling razor, such as a dovo, fromm, or will not be as satisfied with this razor, but for those who like the broader heavier razor then this is for you. if you are not good a honing a razor this one takes longer to sharpen due to the hardness of the steel but if have not had to touch it in over a month, just light stropping and it cuts great.

Pros: Great Blade, good looking, balanced.

Cons: Heavy

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Good, but could be better

I was excited to get this razor. I have been eyeing it ever since i purchased a Hart Steel razor from which was similar type, square nose, 6/8.
When I took the, "Not A Replica", razor out of the box i saw that it no longer was coming with the nice Cordovan leather sleeve but the generic one that comes with other Hart razors.
Next was the shave test, I had been waiting for this to come in so a few days had passed. I lathered up with some nice wool fat soup from CS and much to my surprise the razor barely cut any hair, just scraped away the lather, it was like shaving with a butter knife.
I will have to go through some honing and stropping before I can use it. I am disappointed in the packaging and state in which i received the razor which makes it not really worth the price charged but I feel Hart creates good quality razors.

Pros: quality steel, hopefully rust resistant with the bluing.

Cons: price, not "shave ready", cheap leather sleeve

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awesome razor

Wife got this for me as a anniversary present. Razor comes shave ready and includes a presentation box to store the razor, a deer skin pouch, which is great quality and well-made. the razor itself is simply unbelievable. the craftsmanship that went into this razor is outstanding, and i would say second to none. Performance is awesome. the edge of this razor is so smooth going thru the whiskers i had to run my hand over my face while shaving to make sure it was actually cutting. once again, all-around outstanding razor!! thanks to everyone at hart and baxter!

Pros: razor is beautiful, elegant, and looks really awesome!!. Great heft, balance, super sharp, shave ready.

Cons: price, but considering all the work that goes into it and what you get, the price is actually more than reasonable.

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