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  • Vitamin Cleansing, Party of 4

    We at Baxter of California are very excited to announce the release of our 4th Vitamin Cleansing Bar scent to really help you up your shower game.  We took the Citrus and Herbal Musk essence from the ever-popular Deodorant and infused it into our invigorating bar soap for a bright, yet masculine scent. Maybe you’re into body &#8230; <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">Vitamin Cleansing, Party of 4</span> <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a> Read More

  • Virtuosity of Persistence – The Skate Subculture of LA

    Skateboarding Is About Taking a Deep Breath and Exhaling Into Your True Self If the spirit of Southern California were to be distilled into an object, it’s not hard to imagine it being a skateboard. The pastime was born and bred on the streets of Los Angeles, and is as indigenous to the region as... Read More