Baxter Style Guide


No one has ever taken a good school picture. But this year is different. We’re guiding you to the hairstyles to rock on picture day and the products you need to have the best back to school hairstyle yet. Plus a few picture days styles that you can try to pull off at your own … Continue reading PICTURE DAY HAIRSTYLE GUIDE

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Baxter PSA

Baxter Back to School Superlatives

Yeah, summer is over and back to school you go (pause for thunderous applause from parents everywhere). And, in tradition with that back to school spirit, we wanted to take the time to give out some “superlatives” to the products that we think exemplify at least one or two of your classmates. Whether it is … Continue reading Baxter Back to School Superlatives

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Back to Basics


Long has the conception been that oil is bad for your skin. Everywhere you go you see products that “help reduce oily skin,” or are designed “oil free” so as not to cause overly oily skin, which is every teenager’s and single males‘s worst nightmare. However, this stigma on oil has over shadowed the fact … Continue reading OIL AND SKIN: AN UNLIKELY TEAM

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