2017 Style Guide: René Grincourt

Baxter Style Guide

Here at Baxter of California, we believe in letting you set the tone for your own style—our simple, superior selection of thoughtfully curated hair, skin, and shaving essentials help you fuel your best self and unleash what makes you, you.

With the release of our 2017 Style Guide, we thought we’d share a little bit about the guys featured inside the guide, and the products used for their signature looks. First up, meet René.

René (@renegrincourt)


French-born René moved from his home town of Chessy to Paris to study and currently makes his home in LA. He sports a classic connected haircut and loves taking photographs, writing, French food and kickboxing. He hopes to make photography his life one day soon. Till then, he focuses on savoring today and not letting any of his fears keep him from stepping outside of his security zone and trying new things. Curious by nature, he’ll walk up to a stranger just to chat them up and see what they’re about. His beard and distinctive tattoo make it easy for him to be picked out of a lineup, not that he’s been in any that we know of.


^When going for an urban gent polished look, he wears it slicked back and smooth with a combination of Hard Water Pomade and Soft Water Pomade.


^For a rougher look, he wears it side-parted and separated with a mix of Clay Pomade and Soft Water Pomade for just the right amount of texture, hold and shine.


^For a casual, lived-in look, he wears it loosely defined with Hard Cream Pomade which delivers lightweight moisture and hold.

René likes late nights out, so regardless of his look, he keeps his skin in mint condition with a revitalizing skincare routine. The age-fighting nutrients in the Oil Free Moisturizer ensure he always wakes up to a healthy and renewed complexion. A quick weekly detox with Clay Mask leaves his skin ready and able to face whatever life throws out at it. Our signature aluminum-free Deodorant stops perspiration in its tracks and keeps him fresh, day or night.