2017 Style Guide: Zac Taylor

Baxter Style Guide

Unlike René Grincourt, who likes to rock the classic “connected” cut, some guys tend to keep things a little shorter. Introducing Zac, rockin’ it high and tight.

Zac Taylor (@ zacleetaylor)


Zac makes his home in Long Beach, CA, but you can’t cant take the country out of this good ol’ Texas boy. This 28 year old likes riding motorbikes, he even built one from scratch once. A self-professed “ninja at fixing things,” you’ll find him tinkering with cars when he isn’t hiking, surfing or kicking back with his Bae. He’s currently training hard for his black belt in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, so maybe there’s more truth to that ninja thing than he lets on. He dreams of one day surfing the big swells off of Crescent Head, Australia, but for now, driving his 73 Ford Ranchero around LA gives him life.


^Zac likes to keep it simple with a classic high and tight buzz cut, but don’t think that limits his style.  When he’s sporting an on-duty look, he likes to wear it militant but approachable so he uses the pliable, all-day hold of the Hard Cream Pomade.  He keeps his skin looking as youthful and fit as the rest of him with Super Shape™ Skin Recharge Cream.

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