2017 Style Guide: Jason Koko

Baxter Style Guide

Jason is the product of something that happened in Vegas but didn’t stay in Vegas.

Jason Koko (@jason.koko)


This 20 year old North Hollywood newbie’s striking gaze and pronounced V-shaped hairline give him an intense aspect that he tries to soften by not taking himself too seriously. When he’s not hunting for vintage vinyl records around LA, you’ll probably find this beach addict strolling through Venice or chilling by the surf on most weekends.  Proud but never satisfied, he’s constantly trying to better himself and hopes to move forward in his acting/modeling career.


^Jason likes sporting the taper fade undercut with his every-day look characterized by a laid-back, natural texture and movement controlled with a light hold by Soft Water Pomade. This style shows off his face so he uses Herbal Mint Toner to balance his skin, a cross between oily and dry.


^For rebel roles, he wears it in an exploding front comb-over, brought to its full mayhem with the light hold of Grooming Cream and finished with Clay Effect Style Spray (coming May 2017). His chaotic schedule can be rough on skin, so he uses Exfoliating Body Bar every morning in the shower.


^For a Bad-boy-gone-good appeal, he wear it off to the side and ruggedly separated on top, set in place with pliable Hard Cream Pomade. He’s done with dry, chapped lips because he moisturizes them daily with mojito-flavored Hydro Salve Lip Balm.

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