Celebrating Baxter Moms

Baxter Of California

Mother’s Day is a very important tradition for the guys at Baxter of California. There is arguably no greater influence in a young man’s life than that of his Mother. And it’s not because our Mothers taught us how to how to get dressed, tie our shoes, brush our teeth and wipe our own asses—you know, the typical “mom duties.” Here at Baxter of California, we celebrate diversity and look past the traditional gender roles that suggest Dads teach their boys about men’s grooming and Mom’s stay in the kitchen.

It’s 2017, and let’s face it, Moms are tough—physically & emotionally. They’re somehow built to handle a staggering amount of crap from just about every direction while still managing to be a source of strength, inspiration and admiration for their kids. These Baxter guys credit their moms for not only bringing them into the world, but for encouraging them to forge their own paths through it; each of them shows their appreciation for these superwomen in their own unique and individual ways.

Fernando (Marketing) with his Mom, Normy

Fernando & Normy

Fernando’s Mom, Normy, lived in Puerto Rico her entire life until moving to Miami in her 50’s, leaving her family in search of a better life. A lifelong school teacher, she’s always been known as “the fashionable one” by her students, and as you can see, her fashion sense is undeniable. Normy always encouraged Fernando to not only always look his best, but to always be the best version of himself as well. For his Mom’s special day, Fernando likes to fly cross-country to surprise her just so he can see the look on her face which, for him, never gets old.

Ben (Global Sales) with his Mom, Terrie


Ben doesn’t get to visit his Mom, Terrie as much as he’d like. She lives in England and he, here in LA, but they do Skype regularly. Terrie has never been afraid to speak her mind and has always encouraged her children to do the same. So it should have been no surprise to Ben that when, on a recent visit she made out here, he took her out to dinner at the ultra-exclusive Hollywood dining club, Soho House, Terrie spent most of the evening chatting up Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint and criticizing his English accent.

Patrick (Marketing) with his Mom, Yvonne


Patrick and his mom Yvonne are very much alike. Those close to them like to joke that he is definitely his mother’s son as they share many of the same character traits. Patrick credits his Mom with teaching him the value of unconditional love and for always supporting and encouraging him to dream big and pursue his passions. For her special day, Patrick likes to present his Mom with flowers and a card. They’ll typically spend the day outside, exploring a new hiking trail or going for a bike ride. Afterward, they’ll stop by Patrick’s Grandmother’s house so that Yvonne can wish her own Mom a Happy Mother’s day.

Sam (Business Development) with his Mom, Nancy


Sam’s Mom, Nancy taught her son to work hard, play hard and above all, always have fun. Nancy was the first female president of his local little league, which was an important organization for the youth in their hometown. She worked hard to provide young kids with a safe and fun space for them to learn and have fun through the league, spearheading community-driven efforts for playing field beautification and more. Sam’s Mom wasn’t just all work and no play, though. Sam recalls how she would often turn out all the lights in the house, blast music and dance with him on the coffee table. Seriously, that’s a pretty cool Mom. Sam credits his Mom with encouraging and inspiring him to be an active member of his community and to always participate in causes that he believes in. He can’t wait to celebrate this Mother’s day with Nancy and his wife, Jessica; they’re expecting their first baby in just a few short months.

Bolen (Business Development) with his Mom, Denise


Bolen, as we learned from our Baxter Dads blog last year, is no stranger to tradition. His Dad’s a barber and his Mom, Denise, is a hair stylist, so the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, it seems. Growing up, Denise often said to her son, “I brought you into this world and I can just as easily take you out of it.” It sounds like Bolen might have been a bit of a handful, but he understands full well that he wouldn’t be where he is today without his mom’s passionate guidance and strength at crucial points in his life, always being there for him no matter what. When visiting his Mom for her special day in their home state of Texas, he starts off with a lazy morning of coffee and grits followed by a long brunch with plenty of mimosas. They spend the rest of the afternoon by the pool until he fires up the grill and serves her a dry rub BBQ for dinner.

Marcus (Marketing) with his Mom, Tammy


Marcus’s Mom, Tammy was a stay-at-home mom who raised 4 children, which is no small feat. As her children grew up and left the home, Tammy found she had a desire to leave her mark on the world outside of her immediate family. That’s why she started volunteering weekly for her local Meals on Wheels program and has been doing it for the last 15 years. Marcus, her youngest, knows how much his Mom loves flowers, especially tulips. So every year, when he and the rest of his family show up to their annual Mother’s Day BBQ, he brings her a great big bouquet of them just so he can hear her say, “Tulips, my favorite! How did you know?”

These Moms are all awesome, for their similarities and even more so for their differences. Each of these women we honor and thank for breaking the mold in their own unique way while raising sons that have taken their spirits of love, compassion, determination, dedication and individuality and made it a part of them in honor of the amazing women that they owe so much to. Whatever your traditions and however you celebrate, we here at Baxter of CA wish you and yours a happy Mother’s Day.