Get The Look: David Beckham

Baxter Style Guide

Many professional athletes are just as fun to look at as they are to root for. Enter David Beckham… if there’s one guy who knows how to make his fans swoon, whether it was on the field in his heyday, on the red carpet, or in the comfort of his own home, it’s Beckham.

Thanks to his ever-changing hairstyle, he’s got a look to satisfy every pallet—or at least has at one point or another over the last 20-something years. Into man buns? Check. Beckham pretty much brought the look mainstream  when he debuted it back in 2003. What about the side part? Check.  Mohawk, cornrows, faux-hawk? Check, check & check.

Choosing the “Beckham look” that’s a unanimous favorite is as hard for us as it presumably has been for him, so we turned to our master barbers at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop to see which styles they think he’s pulled off best and get their advice for achieving the look at home.

Beckham’s Best Looks (according to the experts):

1. Long on the top, short on the sides

Depending on what side you like to part your hair, having a long top haircut allows you to change up your look. Try a pompadour with Clay Pomade or Hard Cream Pomade, a sleek back or side look with Hard Water Pomade, or a low hold messier look with Cream Pomade.

2. Medium Length Hair with a beachy, lived-in look

Want to look effortlessly good? Use the Clay Effect Style Spray to get that lived-in look that shows that you can be stylish and have fun at the same time. This is great for both medium straight or wavy hair.

3. Shorter Sides, Spiked Top

A fun, youthful look that’s definitely making a comeback. Use the Clay Pomade to take your haircut to new heights.

4. The Buzz Cut

When you want to have a low-maintenance “wake up and get out the door” kind of look, you can’t go wrong with a buzz cut. As your hair starts to grow back, use Cream Pomade or Grooming Cream keep those hairs in check.