Baxter of California’s Beard Boot Camp

Grooming Hacks

Maintaining a beard separates the die-hards from the try-hards. It’s not easy. It takes commitment, passion, and a good exfoliator. And a comb. Read on for our beard boot camp prep list.

1. Wash

It’s a bit awkward, but it must be washed. Consciously wash your beard 3-4 times a week with our Daily Face Wash. This will ward off common beard-related skin issues like itchiness by keeping your skin clean and hydrated. We are often asked: ‘Can you wash your beard with conditioner? Can I wash my beard with shampoo?’ A little conditioner here or there won’t hurt, but stick to the Daily Face Wash to really do the trick. Also, keep in mind beards should be cleaned multiple times a week. For those who

2. Exfoliate

Some fresh-faced beard wearers may encounter issues such as flakiness or unidentified residue. If this happens, stay calm and exfoliate. Look for something tailored to facial hair, but stronger than whatever is in your girlfriend’s cabinet. You still have skin under your beard, and it doesn’t like being neglected. Treat your beard with Facial Scrub – it’s designed to brush away dead skin cells and dandruff in your beard, preventing itchiness and other dry-skin issues. You should use a beard exfoliator twice a week for a no-dandruff beard.

3. Comb

Find a good comb – our Beard Comb is the best beard comb around – use it to give your facial hair an untangling run-through in the AM, at night or throughout the day. It even fits in that little jean pocket that no one uses.

4. Condition and Control

Keep your beard soft with Baxter’s conditioning Beard Oil – designed to minimize complaints of your beard’s ‘scratchiness,’ and formulated with squalene, avocado oil and botanical extracts to keep your beard, whether short or long, conditioned and healthy. It is not only designed to keep your beard in check, but it penetrates and soothes dry skin underneath your beard. All that, mixed with a killer fragrance, and you won’t go a day without this ultimate grooming oil.

5. Play to your strengths 

All beards are unique. Different people can grow different beard types, for a variety of reasons. The key is, play to your specific beard type and face shape. If your beard is a bit patchy, and isn’t growing in everywhere, keep it short (like a shadow). This will maintain the bearded look without making it obvious that certain patches of your skin refuse to grow hair. Beard growth is a gradual process and there’s no shame in a transition phase.

6. Shave with clarity

Proper shaving is an essential aspect of both growing a beard and keeping your face non-irritated.Baxter of California shave care For the person who likes the old school, white shaving cream we suggest our Super Close Shave Formula. And for our hard-core gel people out there, we suggest our new award winning Beard Line-Up Shave Gel. It is completely clear – you can see exactly what you’re doing, and it’s appropriate for use with beards, sideburns, the back of the neck, or all over. In an extremely unique twist, it does not require water – making it ideal for days when you are in a rush and would rather not have little droplet stains on your shirt. It also moisturizes with Aloe and Vitamins C & E, preventing unsightly red bumps post-shave and keeping the skin around your beard healthy.

7. Trim

If you’re wondering how to grow a beard that won’t scratch your significant other’s skin, the answer lies in a tiny pair of scissors. Get yourself a pair of small scissors and make sure your top lip is hair-free. In general, we recommend turning to a barber for in-depth trimming, but it never hurts to keep clean lines on your beard in between visits to an expert. Whether you are sporting a rugged scruffy look, a Hugh Jackman beard, a full beard, or some variant of a Tony Stark beard, shaping makes or breaks your look.

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