Authenticity Is a Universal Truth – The Exploration of LA’s Subcultures

Life Lived True

Los Angeles’ Inspired Subcultures Create a ‘Life Lived True’ Fabric for the City’s Millennials

The city of Los Angeles defies definition. It refuses to be hemmed in by boundaries of gender, race, language or image. Forget any stereotypes—to truly understand this place is to know that there is no one Los Angeles. There is but a multitude of plenty, which gives the humans who call this city home limitless possibilities to live the truest versions of their selves both inside and out.

Above all else, Los Angeles is a beacon of authenticity—welcoming creative individuals into its fold, where together they form a diverse collective of unique, region-specific subcultures. Baxter of California’s origin story is one that could only have taken root and flourished in such an environment. From the skate and music scene, to surfing, art and indie to name a few, our philosophy of grooming as an act of self-expression goes hand in hand with the ethos of these lifestyles. To groom is to take care of one’s hair, skin and body; to be an individual within one of these larger communities is to take care of one’s genuine identity.

But it is not to be an island. Members of LA’s subcultures are certainly intent on standing out from the crowd but they’re also thrilled to be part of a community, giving and receiving inspiration in clothing, hairstyles, music and art, as well as giving a helping hand and a real smile when it matters most. There’s a yin and yang to being a Los Angeleno—while the influencers of today, spearheaded by millennials, hold hard and true to their distinct spirits, a sense of belonging and togetherness is as important to their identities and creative mojos.

Within these communities, members are drawn to each other not with the goal to mirror each other, but rather become a complementary reflection of what it looks like to lead differing versions of a “Life Lived True.” For each of the subcultures featured in Baxter of California’s “Life Lived True” campaign, fearlessness, persistence, expression, individuality and creation reign supreme. A willingness to look at the haters and rejection in the face, and to invite them into your life in order to learn and grow is a uniting feature. While their creative focus, inspirations, ideologies and aesthetic may vary, the chase of a singular dream remains the same.

Los Angeles may defy categorization, but that doesn’t mean it is without foundation. The city’s spirit is rooted in its niche subcultures, where transplants and locals alike find their version of home, which need not be a tangible place. Because what matters is what you’ll find at the core of each of these modern versions of community—a desire to be authentic and Live Life True.

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