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The importance of anti-aging creams and a robust, daily skin care routine is stressed upon and utilized by many women, simply because they have been educated on it. They know the best anti-aging creams, and use them not preventatively but proactively. However, the same cannot be said for the skin care routine of most men because they have not been made aware the importance and healthy value in taking care of their skin with a daily routine. Sarah Healy, a licensed esthetician and the manager at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, along with Ananda Tunez, the Baxter Finley’s primary esthetician, have seen it all when it comes to bad men’s skin care routine and we sat down with them to finally bring education for men’s skin care, straight from the pros.

What types of skin aging signs are men prone too?

SH: Crow’s feet and wrinkled foreheads are the biggest issues I see with men.  Of course, they too get the dark spots, but the rough skin from years of neglect and the crow’s feet around the eyes are always the first, and most common aging signs that I see.

What are the causes?

SH: Most men lack the knowledge of basic skincare. For women, it is much easier.  We have hundreds of eye creams and moisturizers along with even make-up foundations that include sunscreen, men do not. Men have not been taught to use sunscreen, a moisturizer, or eye cream on a daily basis.

AT: Easy answer: the sun. UVA and UVB rays from the sun penetrate the outer and inner layers of the skin, damaging and destroying skin cells.   A tan, while considered ‘healthy looking’ is actually a sign that your skin cells have been damaged. This will cause signs of aging (i.e. crow’s feet, leathery skin texture, brown spots) and in some more serious instances the risk of melanoma.

When do these typically start in men?

AT: Usually late 20s and up.   You can compare two 30-something year old men; one who tans/gets sun exposure and one who doesn’t, and the latter would most likely look around 5 years younger.

How does the role of a skin care routine help combat these typical aging symptoms?

SH: Teaching men to start taking care of their skin at an earlier age would definitely help.  A revamped skincare routine, anti-aging creams, moisturizers, SPF moisturizers, etc. will not have much impact on already deeply wrinkled skin, from years on not taking care of it. Even if you have naturally perfect skin now, you need to understand that without a healthy, DAILY skincare (toners, face washes, facial scrubs) it will not last forever!

AT: It is all about getting into good habits with good products. When you use cleanse and moisturize daily, you are feeding your skin with nutrients that build healthy cells.  The ingredients (Coconut oil, Vitamins A/C/E, AHA/BHA, Green Tea) that are in face washes and moisturizers, not only make the skin look and feel younger but they fight free radicals (damaging effects of the environment, including the sun).

What daily/weekly routine would you suggest to guys?

SH: It can be different for everyone, depending on your skin type, but I would suggest the following:

  • A FACE wash (not soap) that does not strip the skin of all its natural oils.
  • A Toner to restore the skins natural barrier for protection.
  • A facial cleanser at least once a week.
  • A good eye cream to reduce puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • A moisturizer for the day that, depending on your lifestyle, can have SPF in it.
  • A repairing or anti-aging moisturizer at night.

AT: Wash 2x a day, moisturize 2x a day (SPF in the morning, anti-aging at night), exfoliate up to 3x a week (exfoliation removes dead skin cells exposing fresh, new healthy cells. That way, when you moisturize, you are not wasting on dead skin cells), eye cream 2x a day, lip balm throughout the day when needed and toner can be added after washing 2x a day as an additional way to keep skin balanced.

What do you love about the Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream, our anti-aging moisturizer?      

SH: I love that it is free of aroma, lightweight, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.  And last but not least, I love that it has real anti-aging ingredients (Apricot Oil, Caffeine, Vigna Extract, Soy Protein) that help keep men looking younger.

What role does it play in helping combat anti-aging signs?

SH: The glycerin in the formula helps to hydrate the skin which plumps fine lines and leaves a slight “glow” to the skin that makes the skin look and feel healthy.

What are some key ingredients and what do they do for the skin? 

SH: Caffeine is great to reduce puffiness, especially after a night of little sleep or a dinner of Chinese food!

AT: Vitamins A, E and green tea fight free radicals and promote healthy skin cell growth.

What are some other products that you can use that help with aging symptoms?

SH: Eye cream for sure, which helps with the crow’s feet and puffiness around the eyes. Herbal Mint Toner and Facial Scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells that dull the look and feel of skin. Finally, for the daytime hours, the SPF 15 Oil Free Moisturizer provides hydration and protection.

AT: The area around the eyes tend to show first signs of aging because the skin is thin and is damaged in a shorter amount of time Skin there, without proper care, loses elasticity (sagging), develops brown spots (sun damage), and wrinkles. The best eye creams will help fight all of these common issues.

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