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Long has the conception been that oil is bad for your skin. Everywhere you go you see products that “help reduce oily skin,” or are designed “oil free” so as not to cause overly oily skin, which is every teenager’s and single males‘s worst nightmare. However, this stigma on oil has over shadowed the fact that while your own, “self-produced oil” is not only gross sounding and can lead to break outs and acne, there are benefits to using products with certain oil ingredients on your skin. These oils are known for skin toning and hydrating by preventing moisture evaporation. They deeply penetrate to lessen skin irritation and leave it smoother and flake free (we’re looking at you…bearded woodsmen of the world). Turns out, oil on skin has its fair share of positive benefits.

Using the backdrop of three essential oils found in our newest launch, the Beard Grooming Oil, let’s breakdown some of the most well-known and beneficial oils for your skin.


Baxter Products Featured In: Clay Mask, Hydro SalveTM Hand Cream, Beard Grooming Oil

To all the millennials out there, here is yet another reason to lay off the avocado toast: you could be using it on your skin (not the toast, the oil). Avocado Oil is one of the best when it comes to benefits on your skin. The oil is high in Vitamin E, essential in moisturizing and softening skin, while also helping to fight off free radicals that cause wrinkles on the skin. Not to mention fatty acids that play a big role in keeping your skin looking healthy, wealthy and wise…okay, maybe just the first one.


Baxter Products Featured In: Super ShapeTM Skin Recharge Cream, Beard Grooming Oil

Don’t know what an apricot is, IT DOESN’T MATTER!* Just know that it is mostly made up of oil, and that oil has countless benefits for your skin, among other things. It acts as a moisturizer, a skin toner, and can even help with some parts of your skin that are prone to patches of dryness or overall inflammation. It can also help with reducing signs of aging, specifically wrinkles, and getting rid of dark circles after a long night of whatever it is you like to do all night long ;).


Baxter Products Featured In: Beard Grooming Oil

Not saying we saved the best for last, but we for sure saved the most versatile oil for your skin for last. It does everything we mentioned before: tones skin, moisturizes, provides essentials vitamins for skin growth, and yes, it will help reduce signs of aging on your skin. But the kicker: it can help stave off bacteria on the skin, which leads to acne, helps protect your skin from sun damage, and you can even use it to shave. No it cannot do everything, but it sure comes close.

So there you have it: oil is good. Your skin will thank us later.

*It’s basically a peach? Or maybe not?