Baxter Back to School Superlatives

Baxter PSA

Yeah, summer is over and back to school you go (pause for thunderous applause from parents everywhere). And, in tradition with that back to school spirit, we wanted to take the time to give out some “superlatives” to the products that we think exemplify at least one or two of your classmates. Whether it is for picture day, homecoming or when you walk at graduation (pending the successful execution of your Senior Prank), one of these products will have an impact on the school year. So, without further adieu, we introduce the Baxter Class of 2018!


They are the class president and probably got a perfect score on the SATs. Every school has the Star Pupil, and for us, it is the Clay Pomade. The most popular, award winning texturizing pomade (plays well with other pomades) will keep you looking your best all day long. Infused with kaolin clay and beeswax, it provides a matte finish to hair that will work for any style. Pompadour? A. Undercut? A. Mullet? A…own it! No matter what you are going for, the Clay will get you an A.


Down three in the State Championship game with 1:00 to go. Everyone is panicking, parents are screaming, and Billy and Karen are breaking up in the stands…again. Mass hysteria! Also, it smells. Whom to turn to in a time like this you ask? Deodorant. Both aluminum and alcohol free, looking cool and calm under pressure never smelled so good. It will even work for the guy or girl who goes too hard during badminton and needs to freshen up before class. From Star Athlete to gym class hero, this Deodorant will get the job done.


New on the scene, this ultimate grooming oil can do more for hair and skin than meets the eye. Featuring a killer scent, and some oils that have benefits for hair and skin, this beard oil has the potential to rule the school in a few years. So don’t shove him in a locker (medicine cabinet), don’t turn a blind eye to the fact that it is new and a little different, give it a chance. Beard or no beard, you will be surprised at the level of coolness this oil already exudes.

PS – They also have friends…who are cool, like totally not like the other underclassman…who are lame. Check them out too: Deep Cleansing Bar Charcoal Clay, SPF 15 Oil Free Moisturizer and Beard Line-Up Shave Gel (already an award winner).


Think of our Under Eye Cream as the bright one that you always want to keep around, especially during finals. Of course, we DO NOT condone cheating, but a façade of intelligence (or great skin) isn’t technically breaking the rules. Perfect for those all-nighters, whether school or personal.

Also, depending on the “test” (skin care needs) you can ask one of his friends for help: Super ShapeTM Skin Recharge Cream for fine lines / wrinkles or SPF 15 Oil Free Moisturizer to protect against the sun.

Summer Was Good to Them – Shampoo, Conditioner, Daily Face Wash, Herbal Mint Toner

You’ve known them all your life, but something is different about them. They might have gotten a new hair style, had an insane growth spurt, or just have some newfound confidence about them. Whatever it is is working for them. Our Daily Face Wash, Shampoo + Conditioner, and Herbal Mint Toner may have gotten a face-lift, but they are back better than ever. Still the same great products, just with a new look. And man, does it work for them!


Need help on the homework? Need someone to volunteer for after school programs? Need someone athletic for the next pickle ball tournament? Your go-to problem solver in school is none other than Shave Tonic. Shave, Skin, Hair or Body. No matter the problem, this tonic can do it all. Use it as a pre or post shave formula to soften hair, spray a little in the morning to wake up or even rock as a cologne after a rough gym class to make sure you are smelling fresh for the rest of the day, there is nothing it can’t lend a little bit of hand to.

Back to School does not have to be all sad and weary. With the help of this Baxter crew, who knows, this might just be the best school year yet.