Baxter Style Guide

No one has ever taken a good school picture. But this year is different. We’re guiding you to the hairstyles to rock on picture day and the products you need to have the best back to school hairstyle yet. Plus a few picture days styles that you can try to pull off at your own risk…


There is a reason they still call Elvis “The King” and style gods like Brad Pitt and Bruno Mars dabbled in this style. A classic Pompadour style haircut is just that, classic. As far as the cut, you are going to want to get it short on the sides, tapered in the middle, and then leave 3-4 inches on top so you can get that nice, volumized look. Before styling, make sure you apply some Grooming Cream pre-blow dry to build a frizz free foundation. After, you have two courses of action: 1) for a more slick back and shiny look, use our Hard Water Pomade or 2) for a more natural finish, use Clay Pomade (it’s award winning). Few sprays of the Clay Effect Style Spray if you want a little more texture, and boom, you just became the “King” of Picture Day.


If you like extremes or you just binged Peaky Blinders, the Undercut is your move. For the sides, not much explaining, get’em short (1 or below). For the top, this is where you can add your own flare, long or short, whatever works for you is the way to go. Once the cut is down, the product all depends on what you got going on: for short styles use the Cream or Clay Pomade for a little texture or a lot (Tip: throw in the Soft Water Pomade if you want a little shine added in there).  For the longer looks, the harder pomades will give you more control – Hard Cream will give you a natural look with some hold, while that Hard Water is perfect for those slick backs.


If you want people to do a double take,  this might be your move. The bowl cut, and we cannot believe that we’re writing this, is back. It should be stated that these are not the bowl cuts that your mom gave you; they have a little more texture and style to them, so make it clear to your barber what you want. As for the styling, some Clay Pomade and Clay Effect Style Spray will add both texture and keep the look in place.


Business in the front and party in the back.  The mullet hairstyle has had more comebacks in popular culture than any on the list. With the “Summer of Sleaze” in full effect, this is your chance to immortalize a great mullet look. What to tell your barber…go back and just read off the first line of the paragraph. Trust us, they will know what to do. And the only product you needs is the Clay Effect Style Spray. Perfect to control fizz, give texture and allow you add a little hold to keep the mullet in place all day long. When it comes to this picture day style, two words: SEND IT.

Look, in 20 years it will look terrible any way. Mullet, fade, undercut, it won’t matter.  But right now, you could look good. I mean really good with these styles. So go for it, whatever look it may be, and own this picture day.