Grooming Hacks

We mentioned it before – the best thing about our Shave Tonic is that it does more than meets the eye. Every time we talk to a professional groomer, a barbershop owner or someone that loves our products they always tell us a new and unique way they are using this barbershop-inspired men’s grooming product. And here is a hint, it’s almost never JUST for shaving your face. Based on all of this feedback we started calling this product “the 10-in-One” and we have listed below our top 10 favorite ways to use this tonic. Some are obvious and some a little out there, but we can guarantee you are going to be seeing this tonic in a completely new light.


1.PRE SHAVE PREP – Cleanse/prep skin and soften facial hair for closer, smoother shave.

The key to a good, close shave for men is to soften facial hair, and lift it away from your skin. Incidentally, that is exactly what this tonic does so that you can get the closest shave every time. This will make any razor or shave gel have an easy time slicing and dicing its way through without the dreaded nick or cut. Shave with confidence.

2. AFTER SHAVE SOLUTION- Soothe and relax skin, while providing nutrients and protection to skin after shaving.

After you shave, your skin is beat up. I mean, you literally took a blade to it. What it needs is nutrients and vitamins that will promote healthy skin growth. You also need to soothe your pores, so they do not get infected, which leads to razor burn or in grown hairs. As it happens, the tonic was designed for all of this. Vitamin E, rosemary, eucalyptus oil, and aloe all come together for a healthy concoction that is just what your skin needs after a shave. Pro Tip: Apply after you use our After Shave Balm and your skin can thank us later.

3.POST WORKOUT REFRESHER – Use after the gym or a workout to cleanse pores of dirt and oil build up caused from sweating.

Getting buff comes at a cost: you’re sweaty, dirty, and you don’t have time to take a shower before you go back to work. Oh yeah, and you smell terrible. Lucky for you, you keep one of these bad boys in your gym bag. Not only will it have you smelling like you just got a new haircut (it has a scent inspired by our barbershop) but it also will help clean those clogged and sweaty pores out.

4. MORNING WAKE UP SPRAY – Invigorating sensation can be used in the morning as a “wake up face spray”.

The long and short of it is that getting up in the morning can “f#<$*@g” suck from time to time. Actually, it always sucks. However, give this bad boy a spray in the face (keep your eyes closed, dummy) and you will be up and at ’em in no time. It’s like slapping yourself awake. Except literally*.

5. BODY MIST– Classic Baxter Barbershop scent used as a fragrance or cologne.

The scent of this tonic is perfect if you need a quick scent refresh or something to hold you over. Inspired directly from the scents of our barbershop, this combination of menthol, rosemary, and other natural oils come together for a truly unique fragrance that you will actually want to go overboard on the application for.

6.BEARD SOFTENER- Smooth and cleanse beard or mustache hair growth to avoid dry and flaky skin.

Here is a crazy idea, what if you don’t want to shave your beard, you just want to hydrate and soften it? Look no further. Not only will it soften the beard, but it will penetrate to the skin underneath to moisture and help prevent the common flakiness that is seen in beards.

7.FACIAL PREP – use before moisturizer for tone on the go.

If you find yourself without our best-selling Herbal Mint Toner, this Shave Tonic is your next best friend. It works just like the toner by removing dirt and oil from the skin and preparing the skin for more products, like a moisturizer.

8.HOT TOWEL SOLUTION – spray onto hot towel to get the Baxter Finley Barber and Shop approved Facial Treatment at home.

If you are out of cucumbers, but still want to have a relaxing Sunday where you give yourself the works, start by getting a towel wet with hot water, then spraying it with shave tonic. Sit back, relax, and enjoy 10 minutes of much needed skin and emotional rest.

9.AFTER SUN CARE – soothe and calm sun damaged areas of skin.

To be clear, this is not the cure for a sunburn. Actually, the cure for that was using something that had SPF in it before you even went outside (SPF 15 Oil Free Moisturizer). However, a few sprays of this will cool the sunburned areas, and you will get a few moments of pain free ease. In addition, those nutrients and vitamins found in the formula don’t hurt either.

10.STEAM ROOM – spray in the shower or bath, to get the refreshing scent throughout your bathroom.

The worst thing in the world is waiting for your shower to heat up. So while you are standing there in your birthday suit waiting, grab this tonic and spray a few (or even a lot) of this into your shower. Soon, you will forget that you are in your own bathroom and be transported to a five star, hotel’s steam room bathing facilities. The aroma will fill your bathroom, giving you yet another reason to not leave the comforts of your own little oasis.

There you have it, the Swiss Army Knife of men’s grooming products if you will, our Shave Tonic. It won’t walk your dog or mow your lawn, but anything else in between and the Tonic has you covered. And if you think we missed out on any other secret tonic usages, feel free to leave us your own tips and tricks in the comment section below.


*not literally