Baxter Of California

Excuse us for the history lesson, but what do you really know about your Dopp Bag? For example, did you know that the Dopp Bag (a.k.a. travel bag, toiletry bag, Dopp kit) was invented by a German tanner by the name of Charles Doppelt almost 100 years ago? At the time, it was a revolutionary invention. So revolutionary to modern hygiene that it became a staple for all soldiers in WWII. Ever since then, except for going from leather to a canvas bag and adding some water resistant technologies, there have been no big changes to this one symbol of ingenuity and disruption. That is, until today. Today, with the help of The Hundreds and artist Aaron Kai, we have reimagined the Dopp Bag from a simple case that you throw in your carry on to something that you can flaunt proudly as you walk through TSA airport security and beyond.

Envisioned as a cross between the now resurrected Fanny Packs of the 80s (shipping one to you now, Dwayne!) and the classic that started it all 100 years ago, this new bag was made with the traveler spirit in mind. Our limited edition waist pack, featuring the pop art-style waves of Hawaiian artist Aaron Kai, includes a wrap-around adjustable strap with buckle, zipper pouch in front panel with pocket and main zipper compartment opening. With the durability, functionality and not to mention space, this waist pack has elevated your traditional Dopp Bag to now becoming the perfect overnighter for your grooming essentials and a clean pair of underwear (which is all you need for an overnight, right?). If you are more of a traditional traveler, it still serves its purpose for all your travel needs in its roomy and secure pouches. Finally, if it is just to cruise around during the day, it even works as an easy holder for your keys, wallet, notebook, deodorant, and whatever else you need to look and smell good. Whether over your shoulder, around your waist, or in you suit case, it can occupy a need in your grooming routine.

True to the spirit of both brands, this bag is at the cross section of the old and new, and is at the forefront of innovation. The Hundreds gave a voice and look, since day one, into street wear culture and still to this day trail blazes the path for it in the fashion world. Baxter of California brought attention, world-class products and education to the men’s grooming world more than 50 years ago, breaking down the stigma around men’s skin, hair and body care. We are bringing that back to a part of your grooming and style game that once stood for ingenuity. Too long has your Dopp Bag been the worst part of your travel gear. Now, no matter where you are going, travel in style. Get it HERE…while you still can.