Grooming Hacks

We have mentioned it before in our Picture Day Hairstyle post, but  this classic look deserves a little more attention than a measly paragraph. Started way back in the 1700’s for a king, the pompadour hairstyle has long been a staple of men’s grooming. The “in” way to style it has consistently changed, but the same theme has stayed the same since the French Revolution (which it may or may not have started): tamed, short sides and high volume top. Below, we go into detail on three classic styles and interpretations of the pompadour, so that you too can make your hair fit for a king.


There is a reason they still call Elvis “The King”. The modern pompadour style haircut is the one that steals the most from the 50’s style pompadour, but adds a little twist that brings it into the 21st century. As far as the cut, you are going to want to get it short on the sides, tapered in the middle, and then leave 3-4 inches on top so you can get that nice, volumized look. Before styling, make sure you apply some Grooming Cream pre-blow dry to build a frizz free foundation. After, you have two courses of action: 1) for a more slick back and shiny look, use our Hard Water Pomade or 2) for a more natural finish, use Clay Pomade (it’s award winning). Few sprays of the Clay Effect Style Spray if you want a little more texture and you are good to go.


All curly haired men out there know that when it comes to hairstyles, they are normally left on the outskirts. It is tough to control your curls. When you grow it long, which is what a pompadour calls for, you have frizz levels on 10 and you look like you are straight out of the 1970’s. However, if you keep it just a little longer than normal, 2-3 inches depending on the type of curls you are working with, and keep some length on the side, you can pull off a textured / curly pompadour look. For styling, you are going to use the Grooming Cream for frizz protection, some Hard Cream Pomade on slightly damp hair for control and some texture and then finish off with the Clay Effect Style Spray to once again fight back the frizz and lock the look in place. To maintain, because of your hair type, you are going to want to make sure you schedule regular visits to your barber to avoid the dreaded mushroom look. For you LA natives, we suggest you check out Baxter Finley Barber & Shop.


The main difference between an undercut and modern pompadour is the sides. As mentioned above, for a modern pompadour you typically want a faded / tapered look that blends into the top of your hair. However, for the undercut, you do not want a blend, you want a disconnect. You can play around with the length on the top of your hair; just keep in mind that volume is the key, but the sides should be noticeably shorter than the length on top. We are talking buzzed people! You then have a multitude of options for the top: slick back (Hard Water Pomade), matte/ messy look (Hard Cream or Cream Pomade) or a parted matte look (Clay Pomade).

And for all these different variations, worth it to point out that you need yourself a good comb! One style, but many options to make it your own. If it was good enough for royalty, then it is good enough for us.