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Today we launch “The Baxter Blog” – an exploration of California and the Baxter way of life. Here you will find all the elements and inspirational stories of the Baxter culture. Rooted in our barber heritage, we will provide the true Baxter experience: from product tips and professional advice from our barbers to the amazing stories of our California home and profiles of the inspiring individuals that continue to encapsulate the “Baxter way of life.”


 In case you’re unfamiliar, our Baxter Finley Barber & Shop is located in West Hollywood at 515 North La Cienega Boulevard. This is our testing and proving ground. It’s here we refine formulas, come up with new ideas for products, discuss the latest in the world news, and build relationships with you our customers – both new and old. From this great house of information we’ll be providing you with up-to-date expert advice from our barbers. Whether it be how to use a particular pomade, how to make your beard smoother or the answer to life’s many questions, our barbers will be able to provide you with something that is bound to inspire your day to day.


California is our namesake. It’s our home and inspiration. We are “Of California” and very proud of our 50 year heritage here. This state is rich with culture, endless natural beauty, and great surf – and we plan on giving you a taste of what “75 and sunny” is all about. We will be featuring great locations to visit in our Golden State and all the exciting stories from writers and photographers who call this magical place home.

Scott Toepfer

 The “Baxter Man” is a particular kind of guy. He is well-rounded and creative, but professional and put together. We will be introducing you to a few of those characters and their way of life. They will come from all walks of life, but will represent the importance of depth in your being.

Badger Brush

 Grooming is something we learn from our fathers and they have learned from their fathers. After you have exhausted all the knowledge passed down, let us give you a few tips here and there to elevate your grooming routine. We will be giving regular advice on how to keep yourself in tip-top form and how to use the Baxter full grooming solution to your advantage.

Mike DeTemple - Escape from New York

 We are excited to launch our blog with you today. We look forward to sharing our world and invite you into the “Baxter way of life”. Thanks for reading…and thanks for being part of the Baxter story.

Santa Monica Montains
Santa Monica Montains
Baxter Finley - Bar Back
Baxter Finley – Back Bar
Icon Trucks - Jonathan Ward
Icon Trucks – Jonathan Ward
The Sailing Collective
The Sailing Collective
Saturdays New York City
Saturdays New York City
Full Sail
Full Sail
Rock off - County Line
Rock off – County Line
Nick Fouquet
Saturdays Candle – Bell Jar
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