Halloween Hairstyle Tutorial: Mad Men/Peaky Blinders

Baxter Style Guide

Who says you can’t dress up for Halloween and look good at the same time? It doesn’t always have to be about outlandish costumes and makeup. This Halloween, we want to help you do exactly that. If you’re still deciding on a costume, look no further than this early-1900s Mad Men/Peaky Blinders hairstyle tutorial from Baxter Finley’s barber extraordinaire, Carmen Reyna. You’ll be the talk of the (ghost) town.


1. Apply a dime-sized amount of Cream Pomade while hair is damp. Carmen chose Cream Pomade because she wanted to prep the hair with a medium hold.

2. Blow dry base of hair and over-direct it forward. This way it has volume when pushed back. Only blow dry the front of the hair so that the back stays slightly damp.

3. Comb the hair back using wide teeth first, then go through with fine teeth to make it look really clean.

4. Use a tiny amount of Clay Pomade on the tips and edges to hold everything down and set everything in place.

5. Apply a hot lather to warm up and soften the skin to make it easier to shave and clean up the edges.

6. To finish, apply After Shave Balm to cool the skin so it opens up the pores. It also has a light antiseptic so it keeps everything clean.