Grooming Hacks

It is finally here; No Shave November. The excuse you need to grow out that killer beard or mustache, so you can look exactly like a movie star. They are itchy, they smell, they get dirty, I hate the way you look with it, the list goes on and on. Those are all the things we bet you hear from your significant other about your “beard”. Well, this month, you can tell them THAT YOU DON’T CARE WHAT THEY THINK, YOU ARE GROWING IT OUT AND THEY CAN GO TO….wait, don’t say that, that could cause more problems than you need. Tell them, that this month you are going to grow it out, and it is for a good cause. This is the month to grow it out and show the world what you got (or don’t). Whether it be a full beard, mustached or something a little bit more creative, if it is for a good cause, let it grow.

Just remember, the most important part about growing it out is you have to take care of the hair. A great recap on what you need to do can be found HERE. Always remember, growing a beard is a process, and anything worth doing takes a while. So put yourself out there, and we cannot wait to see you at the end of the month!

As a special treat, one of our employees will be joining in of the No Shave November fun. We will be giving weekly updates every Thursday on his progress, and give some him (and you) some tips on the best products to use while growing out that facial hair.


Welcome back, you hanging in there?The first week of No Shave is always the toughest. You go from such a high, to reconsidering growing out your facial hair at all.  First off, let us be straight with you, it looks rough. But here is a secret, beards take time.  A full beard typically takes a month to grow out/in completely, and the hardest part is those first few weeks. There are patches, it doesn’t look full, whatever issue you have in those first few days, you just got to soldier on.

As for what products to use, right now the best you can do is the Beard Grooming Oil. We know what you are thinking “But I have barely any hair, why would I use a Beard Oil already?” Totally valid point, but, we do due this for a living, so hear us out.

Our Beard Oil not only softens hair, it nourishes the skin underneath your hair that is already being negative impacted by your hair growing. Its got Avocado, Apricot, and Botanical Oils / Extracts that break through the hair give essential hydration and vitamins to smooth and soothe skin. We wrote a whole other blog on this, that you need to check out HERE!


Boom! Another week in the books. We know what you are thinking, “…it still doesn’t look great…” So we might of bent the truth a little when we said week one is the worst week. The lame part about week two is that for most of it, you still don’t have the results you want: beard is even patchier, it itches even more than it did last week, and you just noticed that the middle part of your mustache doesn’t grow hair (that is not our fault, you can blame that one on your parents / genetics). But your hair is still growing and you can’t just shave it!

However, as the weekend approaches, something changes. People  start looking at you different, you get compliments, and before you know it, you sorta have the start of a solid beard (don’t get ahead of yourself though, it still takes time). Our advice: keep hitting that Beard Oil…hard. As we mentioned, it softens the hair and smells great. As your hair gets longer, it needs this mix of vitamins and oils for hydration and natural growth. But now it is time for the next step: washing and exfoliating.

Now that the beard is really starting to come in, the daily maintenance becomes even more critical. First, you should be washing with our Daily Face Wash. It cleanses not only your skin, but also your beard. Not to mention it is a great hair softener. And for a little hint, add a dime sized amount of our Facial Scrub into the Daily Face Wash. This will help remove the dead skin and flaking that is common in all beards. Not to mention…you guessed it.. its a great beard softener!

Repeat the above two or three times a week, depending on how much of a grower you are, on top of the daily usage of the Beard Oil and you are on your way. Week three, here we come!