Grooming Hacks

Travelling is a disrupter of all things – our work week, our sleep schedules and even our diets (thanks to some sick travel guides). But have you ever gotten on a plane and realized oh SH*T – I wish I got a haircut before I left so I can look fresh in my Instagram pics? OR you had to throw everything in your carry-on away because the products weren’t TSA approved?

Baxter of California’s got your back. We make it super easy for you to find out where in the U.S. you can find our products with a store and barber shop/salon locator available here. From Los Angeles to Dallas to New York, we’ve got the hook up on easy-to-find locations where you can stop in to pick up Clay Pomade you left back home or go all-the-way with a full clean-up or skincare service.

If you’re here in Los Angeles, come stop by our flagship Baxter Finley Barber & Shop. Where old school meets modern, come in for a cut, beard trim, full shave or relax with our signature shave tonic hot towel service. We even offer an indulgent gentlemen’s facial if you’re looking to really clean up your act. The shop is also fully stocked with all your favorite Baxter of California Hair, Skin, Shave & Lifestyle products.

Not in LA, not a problem. You can easily find a store, barbershop or salon carrying Baxter of California here. Let Baxter of California worry about your personal care needs so you can focus on having an unforgettable vacation.