Get the 2019 Grammy Look

Grooming Hacks

Award season is in full effect. The entertainment industry’s best and brightest muses and moguls will be cruising the carpet this month decked out to the nines. Now, we all know the outfits worn at these kinds of things can either be hit or miss. The 61st Annual Grammy Awards offered stars the opportunity to come dressed in their ‘Sunday’s-best’. We owe a round of applause for the eclectic and self-cultivated looks.  From the fellas sportin’ the fades with the deep waves (only), to the guys who kept it natural with minimal styling, the Grammy’s housed the full spectrum of star-studded grooming.

If the Grammy’s are an indication of what we can expect this award’s season, some healthy experimentation and personalization is in store for the remaining events. Take a look at our ‘Fresh Five’ picks of the stars we thought brought their A-Game, and how to use Baxter of California’s hair products to achieve a superstar look of you own. We are elevating and self-making every day, all day! Let’s get started…



Recording artist and “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” personality Jon Batiste rocks a natural ‘fro as his crown. Let us take a moment to show love and appreciation for those who stick to their natural image. To achieve this look, our Grooming Cream is perfect to add moister, enhance coils and add a light gloss to your hair. Great for all textures of hair including mutli-ethnic hair and textures.


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Rapper / Musician Post Malone sported his lustrous loose coils look which read fun, relaxed and easy. Three essentials for feeling your best with no pressure to look a certain way. Of-course your curls could use a boost of moisture and body for fullness. Achieve this look by using our Clay Effects Style Spray. Great for natural curly hair, it gives that little extra umpf when it comes to texture and style.



STAR” actor / Musician Quincy Brown parted ways from his usual helmet of fresh braids and chose to opt for sophisticated look. We are definitely feeling the Sade vibes (Quincy we need to see those baby hairs soon). The pulled and slicked look can easily be achieved by using our Hard Water Pomade and a sturdy small-tooth comb to give the hair a super strong-hold and smooth/polished finish. In order to really get shine and a long lasting hold, a few sprays of the Clay Effect Style Spray will do the trick.


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South Korean boy band BTS (aka Bangtan Boys), had arguably some of the most innovative red carpet style of the night. Not to mention, their honorable choice of showing Korean Pride by wearing all Korean designers. As a spotlight, band member ‘V’ showed up with pastel teal locks, while his band mate Jimin played in a vibrant pink hue. Living in color truly means being fearlessly bold and free of confinement. Achieve a sheen finish and floating volume like the K-Pop artists by using our Soft Water or Cream Pomade to run through the tresses with the fingers, a brush or comb. Easy and Seamless.


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…And of course, there’s Grammy winning artist Drake, hip-hop’s reigning heartthrob, who stepped out with an ultra-crisp beard lineup featuring a well-executed fade complimented by a head of deep waves. Mr. Aubrey Graham how dare you have us shook like this? We dare you to step out this fresh. To get this look, get the clean lines into gear with the Beard Line-Up Shave Gel. Then, top it off our Beard Oil to soften and tame coarse hair. Not to mention the killer smell, that will have everyone asking what you are wearing.

There are various stars in the night sky, different shapes, names and constellations. Whether you choose to embrace your natural image, or you may choose to be bold and opt for inspiring vibrant locks, armoring up with Baxter of California’s premium grooming and hair products are here to help you achieve your best version of you. Star Quality.