Life Lived True

Today is International Women’s Day. This marks the 109th day of both celebration and protest. Celebration for the women in our lives, the sacrifices they make it and the ones who are changing the world for the better. Yet, there is protest still, for inequalities that a woman must face not because of their work ethic or intelligence, but simply for being born a woman. And we at Baxter of California celebrate and support them in that right to protest. In that right to seek the same opportunity, in whatever life / career they choose, and be give the same chances to succeed or fail. We support them in their right to have, well, just that…fundamental rights.

For us, it is a time for us to celebrate some of the key women in our operations. People who are breaking down barriers, and making waves in a field that is historically dominated by men. Whether it is barbers, shop owners, merchandisers, marketers, scientists; they all play a key part in making Baxter of California just that. The only way for equality, in not just the grooming space but in all fields of study, is by celebrating and bringing light to the woman who are changing it. The women who, as Steve Jobs once said, “…the round pegs in square holes…” So be on the look-out for some in-depth interviews with some of the most bad ass women we know and work with. We celebrate today, but more importantly support the fight for the future for every woman.