Escape from New York – Mikey DeTemple

Baxter Culture

Mikey DeTemple is a professional surfer and filmmaker.  On the surfboard and off he is a style master. Harking from  the East Coast, rain, sleet, snow or shine you will find him exploring every nook and cranny of the Eastern seaboard.  Ever since he was a grom (surfers term for young fella) he has found ways to escape to the West to enjoy our beautiful unique coastline. Even though he has the East pumping through his veins there is a bit of Cali soul in the man. We consider Mikey a good friend here at Baxter and look forward to sharing many more stories and adventures with him in time to come.  In his words, here is Mikey’s take on his last escape from New York City.

“New York in the winter is a special place, but sometimes you need a break, and come mid January it’s already much needed! Looking at the long range forecast, California looks to be putting on its best impression of New York in September. Clear, dry and perfect temperatures, it’s kind of painting a dreamscape in mind just reading the weather. Being a frequent visitor to the West Coast, there is so much on the week’s checklist. Surf as many of the classic point breaks California has to offer,  have dinners with all my friends from NY who have picked up and moved to LA,  make time to go on as many hikes as possible and spend as much time outside are all being checked off. With only a few days of perfect weather, tacos and hikes left, it’s time to pack up and head back into the winter abyss that is called reality. That’s until I start reading all the buzz of an impending “Blizzard of the century” hitting the night of our redeye home. Looks like our flight’s cancelled. No problem for us, just more time to get out and explore the coast.”