Q&A With Baxter Stylist, Whitney

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We caught up with Baxter star stylist, Whitney Vermeer a fellow Minnesotan from an award-winning salon to gain some knowledge of men’s hair from a woman’s perspective. This girl wields clippers like a boss – she’ll force you to consider the ladies next time you’re freshening your fade.

Baxter: Hi Whitney! Let’s start with the basics. Where are you from, where do you live now and what do you like to do?

Whitney: I grew up in a small touristy lake town in Iowa. I currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As cliché as it sounds—I love to work! I love working on editorial projects and getting involved in any creative process, really. There is something electric about working on a project with a variety of individuals from different backgrounds and creating something together. Aside from that—I’m a family girl! I love being at the lake with my family, my partner and our little dog, Toby.

Baxter: How did you get into hair?

Whitney: My grandma actually talked me into it! I went to school originally for Business and Marketing. After completing my first year, I had told her I wasn’t enjoying school and she had suggested I try out hair school. I fell in love instantly.

I worked as a generalist for 5 years prior to moving to Minneapolis. I had the incredible honor of being mentored under world-renowned Kurt Kueffner, and was able to develop a unique skill-set of cutting freehand based off of bone structure and the nuances of each individual’s head shape.

Since then, I have been exclusively cutting men’s hair and now work as the Men’s Director for an award-winning salon, while also being a Baxter of California Educator, Hattori Hanzo Guest Artist and a session stylist for fashion shows and editorial photo shoots.

Hair-WhitneyVerMeerModel-Kyle Lieberman (VisionMPLS Fusion NYC)Photographer-Jay Kelly2

Model: Kyle Lieberman, Photographer: Jay Kelly

Baxter: Wow, that sounds like a full plate! We know that you’re also a photographer and have amassed quite the following on Instagram. How has the platform impacted your professional life? And who are your favorite people to follow on social?

Whitney: Instagram has taken my career to the next level. Social media has not only given me incredible opportunities, but I would say 95% of my client base has been built off of Instagram and referrals. If you’re in a visual industry and you’re not on social media—you’re not in the game.

Also, I believe it is crucial to provide men with a sort of look-book to present them with ideas/inspiration for hairstyles they may want to achieve. Instagram has provided a great platform for me to share ideas with clients.

As a creative, I find myself more inspired by architecture, fashion, music, people, different cultures. Some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow are: @Humans.Of.New.York, @Patternity, @DarkAtticSix and @MonochromeMavens.

Baxter: Part of being in this space is knowing about the next big thing. What are some trends you see in the men’s space?

Whitney: Currently I am seeing a lot of what I would call a Textured Crewcut. Aggressively short on the sides and top with a lot of textured movement to create a no-fuss look. I also am still seeing a lot of different variations of the undercut.

Hair-WhitneyVerMeerModel-Wes SchrockPhotographer-Bethany Schrock2

Model: Wes Schrock, Photographer: Bethany Schrock

I love to get creative with the levels of connection/disconnection on the fade portion of this haircut. I find that my clients love that they are getting a unique, tailored version of this haircut unlike all of their other friends who maybe have a regular undercut. For me this has been a huge point of difference.

Not only are guys today loving a more tailored haircut, I have noticed more men taking that approach with their clothing as well. Nothing looks better than a bespoke suit. Why wouldn’t you want something made just for you? I also have a denim tailor and dress shirt designer that work closely with my clients to make sure they are always on their game.


Baxter: Make sense—you have a great sense of style yourself. What are some designers or brands you’re digging currently?

Whitney: Thank you! I am currently really into monochromatic street style. My closet is mostly black, white, and gray. I would say my style is a mix of feminine/tomboy. Most days you can find me in black leather boots, a men’s shirt of some sort (probably white) and a black leather jacket—finished, of course, with a bright lipstick. Lipstick is always my pop of color. :)

Designers I am currently loving include Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, McQueen, Helmut Lang. I also love to support small homegrown companies. My closet is a mixture of everything as far as labels go.

Baxter: Describe your energy/spirit in 3 words.

Whitney: Authentic, Determined, Resilient

Baxter: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Whitney: That’s a tough question! I’d probably have to say London or New York.

Baxter: Thanks for hangin’ out, Whitney! Until next time.

Whitney: Yea! Anytime.