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2x Grammy Winner! Diplo 2016

Baxter Of California

Diplo had the winning look at the Grammy’s this week, styled by celebrity groomer Garret Gervais (@gtgervais) using Baxter of California products. We got the dirt from Garret on some Grammy grooming.

Baxter: How did you choose Diplo’s look for the Grammy’s?

Garret: I knew he was wearing a great, modern suit so I decided to go for an equally dapper, yet deconstructed, hairstyle.


Baxter: Diplo seems like a really funny guy. Any insider jokes you can share with us?

Garret: He’s really fun and funny. Proof of this is on his snapchat (@diplo) where you can “Diplo Cam” footage of him with dog face filters while I’m trimming his edges and ears.


Baxter: Any red carpet grooming tricks?

Garret: He doesn’t shave his full face, so after shaving his jawline, we treated the skin with After Shave Balm, Oil Free Moisturizer, Under Eye Complex and Hydro Salve Lip Balm. I blotted away any excess with blotting papers and applied a light dusting of powder for the red carpet. I blow-dried his hair with Grooming Lotion and used Clay Pomade and Cream Pomade to finish the look.

Baxter: Any insider tips on how you made sure Diplo kept that look for a full day and night of activities?

Garret: Dry shampoo! It was a long day, starting with dress rehearsals at 11am and going through about 9pm. I started his hair with a base of dry shampoo to give it fullness and keep it looking fresh.

Baxter: Why do you love Baxter of California?

Garret: I love Baxter products because they’re all simple, yet incredibly effective.