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Look as Handsome as Archer

Baxter Of California

Look as Handsome as the World’s Greatest Spy With Help From Baxter of California 

Whether fighting rebels in far-flung destinations, scheming to sabotage his co-workers or making time with the ladies, Sterling Archer, the namesake protagonist of the acclaimed FX animated series Archer, has mastered the skill of looking his best in the stickiest of situations.

Now every man can achieve “Sterling” good looks. The “Get The Look: Archer” bundle includes the essentials for every international man of mystery: Hydro Salve Lip Balm, Hard Water Pomade, and Super Close Shave Formula, the perfect recipe to match Sterling Archer and to keep every guy at the top of their grooming game. Why these items?

  • Bold Hard Water Pomade: Gives Archer the slick shiny look he loves along with a soft never crunchy hold to his hair.
  • Super Close Shave Formula: Gives his face a smoother feel than a baby’s bottom.
  • Hydro Salve™ Lip Balm: Keeps his lips soft and kissable.


To keep up with this well-groomed investigator’s next moves, tune in to Archer for the Season 7 premiere on March 31st on FX at 10pm e/p.