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Celebrating #BaxterDads

Baxter Finley Barber and Shop

Father’s Day is a very special time here at Baxter of California.  For us, it’s about celebrating the unique relationship between a father and son. The importance of grooming is passed on from generation to generation, introduced by dad at a young age. To celebrate #BaxterDads, we spent the day at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop talking to 5 father-son duos about  grooming – how the dads showed them to shave and groom themselves, and the memories the sons now have around grooming. Read below for more and watch the #BaxterDads Father’s Day video here.


Prospero and his son Oscar are in the restaurant business with Oscar owning 5 successful restaurants in the LA area from Downtown to Venice. He remembers his father always shaving with a single blade razor, which he does to this day and how when he was 19 his mustache was so sparse his wife had to fill it in with makeup. They both love classic cars and going on road trips to Vegas and Laughlin.


Scott Toepfer, a local photographer, and his 3 year old son Levi hung out at Baxter Finley with Levi running around the shop asking lots of questions. Scott is very proud of Levi’s open and inquisitive nature and has already begun teaching him how to fix bikes and take pictures with a 35mm camera. The most rewarding thing for Scott is when Levi learns something from him and hopes to teach him to always be gracious, respectful and thankful.


Ralph and Gabriel Ornelas had a great time at Baxter Finley! Ralph, a recently retired LA Sheriff Department Commander,  thought they did a much better job shaving his head than he ever has and Gabriel, who runs all collaborations and film licensing for Oscar-winning director, Baz Lurhmann, really enjoyed the hot towel treatment with Baxter of California’s Shave Tonic. Ralph teases that his son wanted to be a crossing guard as a kid and would one day have to take over doing goofy impressions from his dad. Gabriel used to pretend to shave with his dad with a Bic razor with the blade guard on and always remembers how neat and groomed his father looked in uniform.


Michael Pedicone, a barber at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, gave his 15 month old son Luca James a haircut. He hopes to teach his son how to work on motorcycles and how to use a straight razor as soon as possible. The wisdom he wants to impart to his son is the importance of always looking put-together and having good hygiene even if you’re rocking a casual messy look.


Steven and Bolen Gorden are both in the family business of barbering, stretching over 3 generations. Steven got to cut Bolen’s hair for the first time in 12 years and for both it was an emotional trip down memory lane.  One of Bolen’s earliest memories was making a nuisance of himself running around in the morning while Dad was shaving before going to work. Steven would sometimes let Bolen pretend shave with the razor guard on.