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Axelrod and Baxter Take Barnsdall

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Artist Aaron Axelrod is taking over Barnsdall Art Park and its famed Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House for three days starting July 15th with his Dark Matter exhibit (July 16th and 17th will be free and open to the public). The event will preview his work, which includes multiple mediums, visual activations and a ‘not-to-miss’ surprise performance. We sat down with Aaron to learn more about his work, his love of LA and, of course, his grooming routine.

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Q: What made you want to partner with the Barnsdall Arts foundation on this event/exhibit? How did this collaboration come to be?
A: Barnsdall Art Park is one of the coolest places in LA- it has amazing views of Los Angeles and it focuses on cultivating the arts and culture in Los Angeles- which we need! They have also never had an artist take over the entire facility and gave me complete creative control to do whatever I wanted – can’t say no to that!


Q: What do you want visitors to take away from your exhibit?
A: I want them to smile and think “Holy shit what the fuck did I just see.” Nowadays, people get bombarded with so many visuals that they often ignore what’s around them and become desensitized. My goal is to get 5 more seconds of their attention and make them STOP.

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Q: What does Los Angeles and California mean to you?
A: It’s where I grew up and was raised. Where I eat all my tacos. Where I make out with all the pretty girls. Everyone is nice, weather is beautiful and you have people from all over the world. And we have the Dodgers!
Q: What are your favorites places or things to do in LA?
A: Lawry’s Prime Rib (I used to go as a kid for birthdays- best meal ever!), La Poubelle (cool bar in Franklin Village) and obviously Barnsdall Arts Park.

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Q: Tell us a little bit about you? Describe Aaron in 3 words
A: Don’t give a fuck. “Give-a” is one word right?


Q: What is your getting ready routine before you start working on your art?
A: Coffee is the MOST important. First, I drink two cups of coffee. Philz coffee is my favorite! Then, I pace up and down my art studio for an hour to think and then get to work.


Q: What are your grooming must-haves?
A: Shampoo with Menthol (love Baxter of California’s Daily Protein Shampoo) because I like the tingly sensation on my scalp, a hot towel with a product to open my pores and feel relaxed (like Tree Tea Oil orjust tried Baxter of California’s Shave Tonic- it’s the bomb!), Facial Scrubs once a week, and an industrial cleaner to get rid of the paint!


Q: What inspires your clothing/hair style?
A: Black on Black on black. Clean and black.

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Baxter of California is proud to sponsor The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation with the mission of fostering the arts and culture in our Los Angeles community. Stop by the exhibit July 15 and 16 (free and open to the public) to see the beautiful Barber Chair art piece Aaron created as part of our partnership.