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Why Get Pasted: The Barber Perspective

Baxter Of California

Baxter of California is proud to present our new Paste Pomade, and it might be our finest pomade yet. If our Hard Cream Pomade and Clay Pomade had a baby (and we’re not 100% sure they didn’t), the new Paste Pomade would be the lovable, versatile result. The Paste Pomade combines the strong hold of our Clay Pomade with the maneuverability of our Hard Cream…the result is pomade that offers a workable, hard hold with a solid, semi-matte finish.

We take pride in our network of Baxter of California educators. These barbers are some of the finest in the business and they really know their pomades. We knew if we wanted some honest feedback on our product, the best way to get it would be to have it field tested in the trenches by the best.

Professional barbers Whitney VerMeer and Michael Mejia weighed in on the new Paste Pomade. Among their thoughts:

Easy Learning Curve, Good User Experience

This is something we really wanted to go for. The pomade user comes in all shapes and styles and we wanted to craft a product that was easy to use and afforded a certain amount of flexibility to the wearer.

The firm hold of this pomade is strong enough to style and set, yet maneuverable enough to appeal to a wide variety of users. The semi-matte finish offers a healthy sheen that is somewhere between the vibrant shine of our Hard Water Pomade and the most natural finish of our cream pomades.

Great for Curly Hair

The Paste Pomade helps relax the natural curl of the hair and leaves a light, natural looking shine. This pomade is ideal for individuals who like the firm hold of our Clay pomade but are looking for a little more versatility for their texture.  At the same time, this product allows for greater maneuverability and volume control than our firmer hold pomade.

No Need for Cocktailing

Many pomade users like to mix and match their products to achieve the right amount of shine and hold. We set out to create a product that offered the best of both worlds. Our users want the ability to set a style they like, while also having the freedom to make adjustments with a semi-matte finish.

While this product works well on its own and we’re confident that you won’t need to cocktail, we found some of our barbers still liked the cocktailing experience and suggested using Paste Pomade for the styling and shine, drying, then applying our Clay Pomade to achieve maximum hold.

Bottom Line

The Paste Pomade is a true 2-in-1 product that offers the hold of a firmer pomade combined with the styling freedom of a softer cream. Thanks in no small part to the valuable feedback provided by our Baxter Finley barbers and Baxter of California educators, this pomade will appeal to a variety of wearers. From the most hardcore pomade users to the novice, this product has style, ease, and versatility that is sure to please. We’re confident our Paste Pomade will make a great addition to your grooming collection.

So get pasted!