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6 Tips for Strong Beard Growth

Back to Basics

Growing out your beard takes more than time. It’s part of the process, make no mistake about it, but there are a few other things to take care of while you wait. We caught up with our local Baxter Finley beard experts and had them weigh in on a few things to keep in mind while growing out your beard.

1.     Accept that it Will Take Time

It will take most men roughly a month to grow out a full beard. This is an average length of time and it will vary based on the individual. Whatever the case, it’s important to let it grow. Resist the urge to tinker with it too much until it’s long enough to see what you’ve got to work with. You can (and should) keep is neat during this time by keeping the hairs at an even length, but the time and place for full on trimming will come at a later stage.

2.     Remember to Wash it

Your beard is still hair and that means sweat and dirt will collect inside of it, even if it’s short. A gentle shampoo may be best until you’re sure you know what your face and hair can handle. How often you clean it is up to you, although most men wash their beards whenever they wash their hair.

3.     Comb / Brush it

Combing your beard while it’s growing serves two separate purposes. First, you’re training your hair to grow in a uniform direction. This will only help your beard be more magnificent when it grows to its full glory. Second, you’re keeping it smooth and free of tangles, snags, or knots. There’s nothing worse than an unruly beard so grooming is essential during this time.

4.     Soften It Up

Many men find that their facial hair grows in rougher than the hairs on their head. This is where beard oil comes into play. Beard oil softens the hair and allows it to lay flat. At the same time, it provides moisture to both the hair and skin underneath. Conditioner can also be used when showering to help keep the hair moisturized and soft.

5.     Accept that it Will Itch. And Try to Resist the Urge to Scratch

If you are growing out your beard for the first time, you may experience a certain amount of itchiness. This is normal. Try to resist the urge to scratch, as you may damage the hairs or irritate the skin underneath. Combing your beard may help alleviate some of the itchings, and beard oil can relax the hair as well. Thankfully, the itchiness usually goes away after about a week or so.

6.     Use A Beard Growth Oil

Beard growth oil may sound like something you see in cartoons but it actually does exist. It’s important to remember, however, that beard growth oil is not a miracle ointment. You won’t slather it on your face at night and wake up looking like ZZ Top. What it does contain, however, are essential vitamins and minerals that help promote hair growth, such as vitamin E. Many beard oils meant for moisturizing purposes will also double as growth oils.

Growing out your beard for the first time is a process. And you thought all you had to do was sit back and wait? If you’re one of the many men who are fortunate enough to grow a full, magnificent beard, these tips should help get you where you want to go. If you’re cursed with a baby face, condolences, it just isn’t in the cards.

For the rest of us, happy growing!