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Home For The Holidays

Baxter Culture

This holiday season, we’re following three L.A.-based modern gentlemen as they talk about what gets them into the spirit of the season.  Whether it’s driven by the love of family or the importance of traditions both old and new, there’s something special about being home for the holidays. From the shores of Malibu to the desert foothills of the Rocky Mountains, keep Baxter on hand.

Nevin Pontias (@nevmcq)

When Nevin Pontius was growing up on a farm outside of Madison, Wisconsin, he and his family would pile in their old Toyota and visit relatives in Arizona for the holidays. Nowadays, he spends a few hours of family time every morning with his wife, Scarlett and daughter, Clementine, playing with Play-Doh and tinkering with cars. He keeps that family road trip tradition alive, taking his wife and daughter to visit their parents every holiday season in his vintage Porsche.

Steven Smith (@iamstephensmith)

Agrarian adventure travel photographer, Steven Smith may be based in L.A. but he’s always considered his home state of Colorado his true home.  Every year he looks forward to riding his motorcycle up there for the holidays, finding the majestic spaces of the desert and mountains humbling and inspiring. More importantly he’s grateful that no matter how good, bad or hectic his year has been, he gets to enjoy good food and reconnect with his family.

Davide Burette (@shelterhalf)

Italy-born Entrepreneur, Davide Burette moved to Malibu to attend Pepperdine University three days after completing his tour in the Italian military. He phoned his future wife, a California native, who he’d met in Europe and she took him down to the beach.  He settled here many years ago to start a family and he’s been in love with this very special stretch of coast ever since. For him, the most beautiful days are around the holidays, not just because of the sun, sand and waves, but the satisfaction he takes in seeing his children take such delight in this very special time of year.


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