Shop (RED). Save lives.

Our partnership with (RED) supports global HIV/AIDS programs that provide counseling, testing, and medicine that prevents the transmission of HIV from a mother to her unborn child.

Every (RED) purchase contributes directly to work on the ground through the Global Fund.

When you shop (RED), you’re a powerful advocate in the fight against AIDS.
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20% of the retail price will go to fight AIDS with (RED), which can provide over 59 days of life-saving HIV medication.

together, we can deliver an aids-free generation

About The (RED) Mission

400 babies

0 babies

The number of babies born with HIV every day has decreased by nearly 2/3 since 2000. Together we can get that to zero.

475 million

$500 million

(RED) has contributed $500 million to lifesaving programs focused on prevention, testing, treatment education and peer-mentorship.



(RED) has impacted over 110 Million lives across Sub-Saharan Africa

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