Signature Set

Limited edition best-seller set


At Baxter of California, we don't like to live in neat boxes, which is why we've created a special-edition camo box of our top-selling products to fuel your best self and unleash what makes you, you. The Signature Set features all our customer favorites in a limited-edition Baxter blue camo set. While supplies last. A $196 value.


Set includes:

Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream 1.7 oz

Deodorant 2.65 oz

Clay Pomade 2 oz

Hard Cream Pomade 2 oz

Vitamin Cleansing Bar - Citrus & Herbal Musk 7 oz

Exfoliating Body Bar 7 oz

Pocket Comb

Daily Protein Shampoo travel size 2 oz

Daily Face Wash travel size 2 oz

Oil Free Moisturizer travel size 2 oz

Super Close Shave Formula travel size 2 oz

After Shave Balm travel size 2 oz



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Product Details

  • Skin - wash with Daily Face Wash, follow with Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream to moisturize.
  • Shave - use Super Close Shave Formula during and follow with After Shave Balm post-shave.
  • Body - use Vitamin Cleansing Bar to wash body without stripping moisture from skin, or Exfoliating Body Bar for added exfoliation. Finish with Deodorant, aluminum-free and won't stain clothes.
  • Hair - wash hair with Daily Protein Shampoo. Style with Clay Pomade for matte texture and strong hold. Mix with Hard Cream Pomade for a low-shine finish. Run Pocket Comb through hair for a sleek finish and take on the go.

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