Men’s Shaving Tips

Looking for tips on getting the closest shave, or curious about using a double edge safety razor? We’ve got you covered.

Style tip #5: A gentleman will bring not only enough cash to buy drinks for himself, but enough to cover for everyone else just in case.
Shaving Tips

How to use your double edge safety razor

There is an art to every craft, and shaving with a classic safety razor is no different. We'll teach you the proper technique for a clean shave with your double edge safety razor.
How-To Video

Wet shaving with your double-edge safety razor

Up your shaving game with the double edge safety razor. Conventional wet shaving provides the closest shave possible with the least irritation to your skin.
How-To Video

Full Beard Grooming

Growing a full beard requires more than not shaving. In this video, we offer a few quick-tips for controlling growth.

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